Bigger Planet, founded in 1994 by Nathan Lamont, produces quality games, gizmos, code, and media for macOS, iOS, and the web.

Located in an underground cavern outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the inhabitants of Bigger Planet patiently await the day the surface dwellers foolishly destroy themselves, paving the way for our armies of bug-eyed mutants to march on the undefended cities of the world.

Nathan Lamont

Nathan Lamont received his B.A. from Oberlin College, where he majored in English and minored in Computer Science. He's been programming computers since he was first exposed to them in 1979, when his family acquired an Apple II+. Since then, Nathan has become proficient in a variety of computer languages (C, Swift, PHP, JavaScript), and has written several games and utilities for macOS and iOS. He also has developed websites and web apps for clients large and small. By embracing open standards and adopting a lean and flexible programming methodology, Nathan finds and implements the least complicated solutions possible.